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Corporate Technology Solutions, Inc. is committed to helping you maximize your investment in Information Technology. We support IBM Mainframe Servers (legacy or Z architecture) along with its respective middleware (subsystems - CICS,VSAM, etc.) and traditional server architectures. Linux based, Microsoft based, etc.  Also, upon your request we can assess and advise what impact a new operating policy (outsourcing, etc.) or a software/hardware upgrade/installation will have on your Business’ Continuity Plan.

Our services, for ease of presentation, are divided into two distinct categories, Technical, remote and hands-on, and Management Support.  Each service category is structured so that it is affordable and stresses the differentiation from the other services. We’ve structured the services so that you pay for what you need and not more.  However, you can customize your own solution by contacting us.

We are an independent firm and our independence is your assurance that we are not driven to providing solutions to problems that you may not have. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction and not by the amount of software or hardware sold.

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